Friday, February 22, 2008

Getting Birthday Greetings twice a Year with Skype

Wondering how to get birthday greetings from most of your friends more than once a year? Just change your birthday in your Skype profile regularly ...

A friend of mine just did it, unintentionally, though. I got a note from Skype that he was going to have his birthday in a few days, entered it into my calender, and send him greetings on the day. Then, by coincidence, I checked his Skype profile again ... and noticed that the birthday was 10 months later, now. (To tell the truth, I noticed a mismatch between his age and the difference between his birth year, and 2008. Already wanted to post it to my favorite What-the-Fork page.)

I apologised to him, and he told me that quite some people had greeted him, so he noticed the mistake in his skype profile, and changed it. Yet there is no reason why it shouldn't work, regularly, most (Skype) friends will forget it anyway in a few months, and some will even add both (or even more ;-)) of your birth dates into their calenders ...

Have fun.

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