Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Crashed Train Information System - Linux, this Time

I've seen quite a bunch of crashed visitor information systems, ATMs, and similar, on my my daily what-the-f__k page, all of them Windows based ... now it is time to show the Linux version of it!

As every Linux-user will recognise from the photo, there is only one way to crash such a system if it is Linux-based ... fry the harddisk. No blue screens, no "segmentation fault" dialogs, no kernel panics ... (no, the picture does not need to be rotated.)

On the right, you can see how the departure information should have looked like. And for the Germans among you - have a guess which major train station it happened on ;-)

BTW, the ticket vending machines from the "DB" are using Windows. And, I did get my train, which is not that common, even (especially?) in Germany ...

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