Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eclipse Galileo 3.5.0 as packages for Ubuntu Jaunty


The eclipse packages delivered with ubuntu are usually very, very old (3.2.x on jaunty). This is mainly due to the rule of debian that everything(!) needs to be compiled by the maintainers. Also, they use a completely different Java compile setup than the eclipse developers - gcj (which is really open source) instead of Sun JDK.
I just found someone who maintains the eclipse-provided binaries as a set of packages for ubuntu jaunty.
Quite easy to install and use - just note that the JEE tools are inside eclipse-wtp (web tools project).
It may be that there is stability problem ... I had one crash so far ... no idea whether this was related to the packages or the Java setup itself on my system (it was somewhere in the subversion->libsvnjavahl->libapr stuff).

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Gunnar said...

I am looking for recent Ubuntu packages of Eclipse a long time and this is perhaps a step in the right direction.
Fedora does have packages from source but they're currently lacking wtp support.
The only distro with usable Eclipse that is built from source is Gentoo.